Captain Action Headquarters

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Irwin Batcycle for Batman

Aside from the Silver Streak, Captain Action didn't have any other vehicles. None of his superhero disguises had any vehicles made by Ideal either, but Irwin Toys did produce this 1/6 scale Batcycle. It's basically a different colored version of the the one they made for GiJoe.

I lucked into finding one of these a few years ago, and it's a cool addition to Batman I think. The carded version pictured is an image I found online for it.

Moving the collection around

I've been making some changes to my office and and had to move some of the Captain Action stuff around. As you can see, my Spiderman, Green Hornet, Batman, Robin and my other Dr. Evil lab set are still in their white boxes in these pictures. I may pull them out later but keeping them dust free is nice...

New to me boxed Action Boy

I got this boxed Action Boy in this week. As a Captain Action collector I sort of gasped when I opened the box and saw the the knife was in the sheath and the boomerang was in the holster.

I had no idea how long those has been in those situations. Of course I was worried about these having melted, and I slowly worked the knife out and it was near perfect. The boomerang took a little more tugging but came out with no evidence of melts either.

Just thought I'd share.

Captain Action purple suit variation

I've been wanting an example of the purple suit variation for quite a while and just got one.

I'm happy with it!

Basically the purple replaced the standard blue fabric on the Captain Action suit. The purple is the color of the Phantom suit and the thought was during production they used the Phantom fabric instead, creating this cool variation.

I've included a picture of the standard suit below as well. Also below you can see the standard blue fabric on the inside where the snaps are located.