Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Superqueens, First available in 1967

All figures were variations of Ideal's Glamour
Misty doll line. These were called the Posin' dolls,
because they had wires inside them that would
allow for greater pose ability.

Batgirl: Brunette hair

Black one piece jumpsuit with metal bat emblem
on chest and a bat emblem on a gold belt
(both emblems are the same as Batman's)
She also came with Batman's batarang
The outfit also came with blue boots,blue gloves,
blue cowl and a blue cape. All different than Batman's
(There was also a version sold through Sears that came
with blonde hair)

Supergirl: Blonde hair

Blue outfit with red cape, and Superman's
"S" emblem on the chest. Outfit also included
gold belt,(with usually missing foil buckle)
red boots and Superman's Krypto dog.

Wonderwoman: Brunette hair

Red white and blue outfit, with gold crown,
red shoes with red laces up the legs,
Also came with Captain America's shield

Mera: Red hair

Green one piece suit, with a gold crown.
She also came with Aquaman's trident,
and green flippers,
(that were from a Tammy and Misty scuba set)

The Superqueens are quite scarce, as they
were sold for a very short time. So think expensive.
The figures also came with regular street clothes.
Librarian for Batgirl,student for Supergirl,
nurse for Wonderwoman,and underwater wife of
Aquaman for Mera.