Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Tonto 3415-7 - First available in 1967

  • Brown shirt with 4 snaps in the back, trimmed in brown vinyl fletching
  • Brown matching pants with a single snap that’s also trimmed in brown vinyl fletching
  • Full size mask with black hair
  • Headband - brown rubber with silver, red and black trim
  • Moccasins - brown rubber with white laces and colored decorations at the end. Left and right are the same
  • Gun - Silver and black, and is the same type Lone Ranger, the early Phantom and Weapons Arsenal used
  • Quiver and Arrows - quiver is brown and the sling is vinyl. The 4 arrows have silver arrow heads and have feathers painted Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
  • Knife - Silver blade with black handle. Only used for the Tonto set
  • Bow - Brown with black handle and black string
  • Gun Belt - Brown rubber with yellow trim. As with all of the holsters, they will melt the guns
  • Eagle Taka - Brown, white and yellow. The yellow talons are usually missing as they break easily
  • Only came in ring box