Captain Action

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Captain Action - First available in 1966

  • 12" tall figure, with black hair marked Ideal Toy Company 1965 on the back of the neck and 1966 on the back
  • Suit - Blue and black one piece suit with "CA" on a metal emblem on the chest
  • Boots - Black with a molded lightning bolt on the font. Boots are interchangeable with right and left
  • Belt - Blue rubber belt with a yellow lightning bolt on the buckle and a red slit for the sword
  • Hat - Blue hat with silver trim
  • Sword - Blue lightning sword with silver painted blade
  • Gun - Blue gun with a silver trim

Captain Action - Variations

  • Two neck variations are available. A two piece neck which was the first issue and a one piece which was the second version
  • The second issue figures also came with the updated vinyl wrist and elbow joints which helped reduce the breakage of those joints. A number of early Captain Action figures are found with broken elbows and that was corrected with the updated material
  • Purple suit variation - Suit looks just like the original except it is the shade of the Phantom's suit

Captain Action - Coffin Boxes

  • 1st issue 1966 - Pictured 9 costumes on the front
  • 2nd issue 1967 - Pictured 9 costumes on the front but the Lone Ranger changed from the red outfit to the blue one
  • 3rd issue 1967 - Pictured 7 costumes on the front, including blue Lone Ranger. This was a limited promotion box and included a Free working 4 foot parachute in the box
  • 4th issue 1967—68 - Referred to as the photo box, shows a photo of Captain Action battling Dr. Evil

Captain Action - Capitano Azione

  • Italian issue - Pictured 4 costumes on the front, Superman, Batman, Phantom and Flash Gordon
  • This was Baravelli Toys issue and the box was specific to Italy.
  • Captain Action came in the Captain America jumpsuit rather than his usual jumpsuit
  • There is a cardboard insert in the box that pictures the 4 costumes