Silver Streak

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Silver Streak - 1967

  • Silver Streak Amphibian 21" long
  • Blue with a white stripe on the hood(there are variations with solid stripe, small stripes and without the stripe)
  • 2 seats, one for Captain Action and one for Action Boy
  • 3 moveable wheels, red joystick steering control
  • Clear plastic windshield that is easily cracked
  • Removable engine cover with silver engines under the cover
  • 2 working rocket launchers and red rockets with springs in them (both items usually missing)
  • The Silver Streak actually rolls, steers and floats!

Silver Streak with Hideout Sears exclusive - 1967

  • The Silver Streak was shipped from Sears in the hideout box and the cardboard would be trimmed for the garage doors and for the radar and other accessories. Very scarce item as the shipping box was part of the toy