Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Captain Action Action Cave - 1967

  • Blue vinyl carrying case that has C/A on the front
  • It opens up and has storage room for C/A and his Superhero outfits
  • There's a movable green plastic chair and green drawers that are usually missing
  • Hat - Blue hat with silver trim
  • Sword - Blue lightning sword with silver painted blade
  • Gun - Blue gun with a silver trim

Captain Action Action Cave - 1967

  • Montgomery Ward exclusive
  • Same shape as Ideal's Batcave for it's smaller plastic superhero line which made it a tight squeeze for Captain Action

Quick Change Chamber - 1966

  • Sears exclusive
  • Cardboard construction and you had to build it!
  • Shipped with Batman costume and a Captain Action figure

Dr.Evil Sanctuary - 1967

  • J.C. Penney exclusive
  • Approximately 15" tall, cone shaped with a clear window and a rope hand at the top
  • Inside has has a chair that swivels and images of lab equipment and C/A costumes
  • The top and bottom rocks came in different colors. Blue and yellow and yellow and blue