Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Phantom 3407-4 - First available in 1966

  • Purple one piece uniform with three snaps in the back. Has blue shorts and black vinyl strips across the shorts. The later Playing Mantis version has which has printed on stripes
  • Black boots with a heel
  • Two piece face mask with blue hood and mask with black mask over eyes
  • Black belt with two holsters and a skull on the belt buckle
  • Black and silver knife with a skull on it (purple version was in the Weapons Arsenal)
  • Black rifle with a scope, and skull on the stock
  • Two black and silver revolvers(Lone Ranger Version) or two 45's later version
  • Skull Brass knuckles, 1 pair black with a silver skull
  • Came in non-ring and ring box versions