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Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Captain Action flicker rings

Promotion on some 1967 and later outfit boxes

They came with a flicker ring you could wear

Be aware that there was a warehouse find of the original uncut strips of the flicker rings from the Vari-Vue factory that made the rings.

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Be sure the original ring you're buying
has a "V" on the base of the silver ring and is marked Hong Kong.

Kool Pops

Kool Pops card game, 1967

Mail-in 36 card deck from Kool Pops

came in a photo box

D.C. Comics, 1968

D.C. only issued 5 comics in this series

The comics told the origin of C/A (Clive Arno) and the battle between good and "Evil"

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Aurora model kit, 1967

Only issued for a short time, box art is very similar to 1st and second issue C/A boxes

Halloween costume,1966

Ben Cooper, very rare!

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Captain Action pool toys, 1966

Ideal made an inflatable C/A swim ring in 1966

Captain Action store displays

They do exist, in limited numbers as well as shipping boxes and other flyers etc...

A C/A Display