Buck Rogers

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Buck Rogers 3415-5 - First available in 1967

  • Silver space suit with red vinyl neck liner and mirrored logo. One piece suit with snaps in the back. The logo on the front says "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Rocket Ranger"
  • The face mask is the one piece version
  • Space Helmet - Blue with silver highlights. Silver painted earpieces, vertical ridges and raised painted horizontal accents
  • Gloves - black rubber with white accents
  • Boots - black in color and they are angled on the sides. This makes the left and right boot unique
  • Anti-Gravitational Belt - Black rubber with yellow and silver highlights.is actually pretty sophisticated. There’s back hooks for the Jetpacks to connect to. There’s a yellow painted microphone which hangs from the belt and has hooks for the flashlight, and holes for attaching the gun and canteen
  • Heat Sensing Rockets - Two blue and yellow plastic pieces which are worn on his back and attach to the belt straps on top and tuck into the belt at the bottom. Often found with melts due to being attached to the belt
  • Solar Gun - Same blue as the Helmet and Rockets, it has a pin on the back side for attaching it to the belt
  • Flashlight - Silver and black, it has a loop on the end to allow it to hang from his belt
  • Canteen - Blue plastic painted silver with black top. Has a pin on the back to attach to the belt
  • Only came in ring box