Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Action Boy Aqualad 3423-1 - First available in 1967

  • Suit - Red, blue and tan one piece suit
  • Mask - Black haired full head mask
  • Gloves - Aqualad didn’t come with gloves, but the Action Boy space suite gloves look great with him
  • Shoes - blue hard plastic. Left and right are the same
  • Belt - black belt with yellow A on the buckle and a loop for the axe and sheath for the knife
  • Seahorse Knife - Yellow seahorse handle with silver blade
  • Seashell axe - Red and black handle with silver seashell axe
  • Swordfish spear - Silver handle with yellow point
  • Octo the Octopus - Green rubber with red eyes. A friend to Aqualad