Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Batman 3402-5 - First available in 1966

  • Grayish costume with metal bat emblem on chest. Blue vinyl shorts with black stripes
  • Blue vinyl cape, with black stripes and an easily torn button hole
  • Two piece mask, one fits on the front one on the back. Eyes are unpainted.The first issue had white lips, second issue pink
  • Blue boots interchangeable left or right
  • Batman's utility belt with two way radio. Blue rubber with silver paint. The belt has three loops, one for the Drill, one for the Flashlight, and one for ??. There are ten "utilities" listed on the belt, Gas, Prints, Bomb, Smoke, Camera, Keys, Acid, Bomb, Lenses, Smoke
  • Blue flashlight with fragile hook
  • Blue batarang with silver highlights
  • Blue laser torch/bat drill, with silver tip
  • Blue grappling hook and Bat Rope Reel
  • Came in non-ring and ring box versions