Steve Canyon

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Steve Canyon 3405-8 - First available in 1966

  • Green one piece flight suit with a gold zipper down the front. The pockets are drawn on, except for the one on the left sleeve. There is an insignia of a gold eagle with a red star on the right sleeve.
  • Yellow haired face mask, (has black streak from the front to back in hair)
  • Black boots with stitching on either side, left and right interchangeable. Similar to the Sgt Fury boots(no stitching)
  • Steve Canyon's 50 Mission Hat, dark blue paint, and a silver painted eagle on the front. Similar to C/A's hat but this is larger and has an elaborate eagle and leaves on the brim
  • Brown/green parachute pack, tends to shrink due to age
  • White flight helmet, with molded on visor. Similar to the Power Pack helmet, but this is hard plastic
  • White/green oxygen mask, with loops that attach to the helmet.
  • Green belt w/holster, similar design to Sgt. Fury's belt but without the ammo pouches.
  • .45 automatic pistol in black with silver on the hammer. Was also used in the second issue Phantom set, in green for Sgt Fury, and painted silver for the Weapons Arsenal
  • Knife black with a silver painted blade. This knife was also used in the Weapons Arsenal. No sheath, so store it in his boot
  • Came in non-ring and ring box versions