Spider Man

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Spider Man 3414-0 - First available in 1967

  • One piece red and blue Spider-Man outfit. It has four snaps in the back and is often found frayed
  • Red with black trim full face mask with slits for the eyes
  • Red boots with spider webbing. Left and right are interchangeable
  • Utility Belt. This is red rubber and has a web pattern embossed on it and two loops for hanging accessories
  • Yellow and black Spider Grappling hook. This spider has a small hole in the bottom that fits the pin from the "Web Sword”. The tiny pincers and the eight fragile legs make this a very hard piece to find complete
  • Spider Light is silver with green and has a red spider logo on the lens and a fragile hook on the end. This allowed it to hang from one of the loops in the belt
  • Spider Grappling Hook with Rope(web sword). This has has a rope and pin for attaching to the Spider Grappling hook
  • Spider Venom Spray. Referred to as the "Web Tank”. It is hard plastic with a rubber hose and strap(3 pieces), and Spider Man wears it slung over his shoulder