Dr. Evil Gift Set

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Dr Evil with his Disguises and Weapons - First available in 1968

  • This is known as Dr. Evil’s lab set. Released in 1968, this comes with the Dr. Evil figure with his sandals, gun, medallion and Dr. Tracy(Dr. Thorpe) mask, and vibrant blue suit. Plus six other implements of torture
  • Dr. Ling Mask - Alter ego disguise. Black haired and yellow skinned full head mask
  • The Hypnotic Eye - Has three pieces. The dark gray base with painted dials and readouts. The eye itself, flesh colored with white eye and bloodshot veins. The eye lid is also dark gray and attaches to the eye and is moveable
  • The Dessicator - Ionized Hypo - Rifle looking weapon, white, green and gray with red and silver barrel
  • Thought Sensor - Blue helmet with red trim. Has a white circle on the front and antennas surrounding the helmet
  • Reducer Wand - Dark gray with a silver handle and painted indicators on the handle. Includes a clear lens and prism. The prism is moveable and is often missing
  • Lab Coat - White lab coat with three buttons on the outside, but only two snaps used to close it. There’s three pockets drawn on the front of the coat. It is assumed Dr. Evil would wear his shiny blue pants with the coat along with his stylish sandals