Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Action Boy Robin 3421-5 - First available in 1967

  • Suit - Red, green and tan one piece suit. Has a circle R logo on the left side of the chest. Has 4 metal buttons on the front
  • Mask - Black haired full head mask with painted black mask
  • Cape - Yellow vinyl cape with a collar and brass colored buckle
  • Gloves - green rubber, very nice fitting
  • Shoes - green hard plastic. Left and right are the same
  • Belt - black belt with yellow buckle and three loops to hang the accessories
  • Suction cups - two rubber black with gold paint rubber
  • Batarang Launcher - green with black paint hard plastic
  • Batarangs - two red batarangs
  • Bat Grenade - one blue and red painted bat grenade. Has a small hook that can be used to hang from the belt. Usually broken