Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Action Boy Superboy 3422-3 - First available in 1967

  • Suit - Blue with Red shorts, one piece with attached red vinyl cape with slit in the back. “S” emblem is metal and is the same as the Superman emblem
  • Mask - Black haired full head mask
  • Boots - red hard plastic with a V at the top. Left and right are the same
  • Belt - Yellow belt with red S on the buckle. Same as Superman’s belt except for buckle not being blue
  • Interspacial Language Translator - Silver painted plastic with blue and yellow accents. Made to fit on the shoulders. Easily broken and the two “microphones” at the front are usually missing
  • Superchem lab - White with many different colored tubes and flasks
  • Telepathic Thought Scrambler - Silver with black and red accents on the lightning bolts and top