Flash Gordon

Defending the Universe and Backyards since 1966

Flash Gordon 3403-3 - First available in 1966

  • One piece Space suit with three snaps in the back, and five pockets (two on each leg and one on the lower torso).  There were two variations in the suit. One has two oxygen holes in the front, and one without those
  • Ray gun Silver (Knight of Darkness figures issued 10 years later used the same gun painted a different color)
  • Compressed Oxygen and Guidance Gun. White plastic with silver paint. The compressed oxygen is the part with the handle while the guidance gun is the antenna portion which goes on top which is usually missing
  • White space helmet. The visor is molded onto the top of the helmet and is not moveable. The lower portion of the helmet (the part which meets his shoulders) is removable
  • Silver boots similar to the Power Pack boots but these have treads
  • Yellow haired face mask, came with white and pink painted lips
  • Blue rubber belt with holster. Has yellow and silver highlights
  • Came in non-ring and ring box versions